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Tyson Sahota - Wolverhampton.

I suffered with lower back pain for two years and was always on pain killers, at the age of 22 this was very hard.  I used to be so active, going to the gym, playing badminton and football every week, but this was stopped by three disk bulges.  Doctors and specialists had said to me that they would not operate and therefore would be like this for life.  I became depressed and also suffered from alopecia.  I was then given a number for Keith Hall by someone in the gym.

I didn't bother going to see Keith for months as I had given up hope.  One day I thought I would give it a chance and he worked his magic, I had instant relief, I just could not believe it, the pain was reduced.  I then had more sessions and was back in the gym, playing football and badminton before you knew it.  Why didn't I see Keith earlier.  Keith Halls words gave me strength and hope to fight this problem.  He told me it would get better when consultants said just to have pain management.  Now I am getting on with my life the way I want to, not on pain killers and not in pain.  I am so greatful for the help, treatment, advise and exercises that was given to me.  Keith thank you so very much if there is any way I can repay you, don't hesitate to ask.
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