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Angela Brown - Solihull

After two years of investigations through the NHS & one full medical through the private sector, no diagnosis could be found to determine the causes of my constant body pain - Therefore I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. A keen "Keep fit" enthusiast, I was unable to participate in any exercise & found my fitness levels dropping rapidly.  On many days I found the pain completely disabilitating & medication did not offer any relief. I heard of Keith through a work colleage who told me, he had no idea what he did, but he had recovered fully! I began my treatment in March of this year & although not completely pain free, I am certainly on to the road of recovery.

 Keith has also planned a gentle exercise programme which I manage three times a week.  This has already improved my level of fitness & boosted my energy levels. I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Keith.  I consider him to be a genuine practitioner who will offer sincere advice & treatment if necessary.  In fact, after this treatment, I am not totally convinced that I even have Fibromyalgia at all!!


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