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Wilma Chapman - Wolverhampton.

I came to the practice in October 2010 after a recommendation.  I'd been in agony for weeks and with my job, I'd driven 64 miles in the most unbelievable pain, to sit in a meeting, stacked with pain killers, as much pain relief rub on my skin as I could bear.  I called Keith and was able to get an appointment that very night and have never looked back.

I went in feeling tense and miserable, and after the consultation and initial treatment I left feeling like "Why didn't I do this sooner?" It was great! Yes, there was soreness later, which I was told would happen and I anticipated this.  My next few treatments saw my shoulder, neck, back and hip pain ease away.  I've recently returned to have an "MOT Treatment" so to speak, and still feel fantastic.  I can't thank Keith enough for his friendly manner and relaxed atmosphere.

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