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Gill Hopkins – West Midlands

I am a 53 year old woman, who like so many others had suffered from back pain since the age of 18. Having had many slipped discs, and numerous trapped nerves, my back was so fragile it ruled my life. I was afraid to do even simple tasks for fear of injury.

Having taken the usual route of GPs, x-rays and hospital consultants with treatments that included painkillers, back rubs, supports and at one stage even a plaster cast, nothing gave me long term relief, merely short term improvement, then more pain.

Then in desperation I decided to try an alternative treatment. I looked through the Yellow Pages and chose and Osteopath at random. How do you Know which choose? Who is the best? (Fortunately today we have the internet where we can read others peoples recommendations). After one treatment I decided this wasn’t for me, as the "Bone Crunching" methods performed whilst in my underwear left me cold, with very little dignity and a fear of attending another appointment.

Then a friend recommended Keith Hall, who practiced traditional Japanese Osteopathy. This is a body treatment that focuses on the problem area, practised while the patient wears light casual clothing (It sounded too good to be true, no more "Bone Crunching" and the dignity restored!)

I have never looked back. He is a true professional with a great passion and knowledge for his modern day methods. Just as my friend did with me, I would recommend him to anyone in pain looking for relief. Since my first appointments with Keith, my back pain no longer rules my lifestyle. Where I once worried about simple chores and activities I now do what I want, when I want.

Some people think that this type of treatment is costly, but what price is good health. I visit the hairdressers every 6 weeks, and that is to look good. A visit to Keith is to feel good and keep well, living a pain free life.

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