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Victoria Terrazano – Australia

When I was 17 I had my Spinal Fusion, this was unsuccessful. 2 years later my surgeon performed an Anterior Spinal Fusion and inserted a metal plate to stabalise my spine.

Following my second operation I began trying alternate therapy. I saw 15 different Chiropractors and 10 Osteopaths, 1 Homepathy specialist, 1 Bowen specialist and Acupuncture.

The story was always the same, while they would manipulate or at least treat the weakness, they refused to touch the lower part of my back because of the previous operations and I always had to undress.

The first thing that is different with Keith, is that his treatment is performed through the clothes and the main difference with Keith particularly is that he asked me not just about the injury itself, but also asked me how it affected me as a person. This whole person approach is very refreshing and I found it very reassuring to be treated as a person again, rather than just an injury.

Most other Chiropractors and Osteopaths will charge for an initial consultation but not start treatment in that meeting. You always have to make another appointment. Also after my initial appointments, nearly all of the people I had tried before didn’t really speak to me once they had me in a treatment plan. This highlights to me the difference between someone in the business to make money and someone, like Keith, in the business to make you better.

When I met Keith, I was working 4 hours a week or temping for a week on high dose painkillers and then taking a week off to recover. I now work 45 hour weeks with 3 hours commute each day and almost a normal life.

I have been seeing specialists for my back for 20 years now, I nthat time I am very lucky to have found a specialist who is keen to help me cope with the problems my injury causes.

Keith has given me a life I could only dream of when I met him.
I am now strong enough to have moved away from my home, starting a family with my husband and am even emigrating to Australia. I would not have been able to do any of that without the treatment that Keith has given me and I am very grateful.

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