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Tyson Sahota - Wolverhampton.

I suffered with lower back pain for two years and was always on pain killers, at the age of 22 this was very hard.  I used to be so active, going to the gym, playing badminton and football every week, but this was stopped by three disk bulges.  Doctors and specialists had said to me that they would not operate and therefore would be like this for life.  I became depressed and also suffered from alopecia.  I was then given a number for Keith Hall by someone in the gym.


Wilma Chapman - Wolverhampton.

I came to the practice in October 2010 after a recommendation.  I'd been in agony for weeks and with my job, I'd driven 64 miles in the most unbelievable pain, to sit in a meeting, stacked with pain killers, as much pain relief rub on my skin as I could bear.  I called Keith and was able to get an appointment that very night and have never looked back.


Angela Brown - Solihull

After two years of investigations through the NHS & one full medical through the private sector, no diagnosis could be found to determine the causes of my constant body pain - Therefore I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. A keen "Keep fit" enthusiast, I was unable to participate in any exercise & found my fitness levels dropping rapidly.  On many days I found the pain completely disabilitating & medication did not offer any relief. I heard of Keith through a work colleage who told me, he had no idea what he did, but he had recovered fully! I began my treatment in March of this year & although not completely pain free, I am certainly on to the road of recovery.


Gill Hopkins – West Midlands

I am a 53 year old woman, who like so many others had suffered from back pain since the age of 18. Having had many slipped discs, and numerous trapped nerves, my back was so fragile it ruled my life. I was afraid to do even simple tasks for fear of injury.

Having taken the usual route of GPs, x-rays and hospital consultants with treatments that included painkillers, back rubs, supports and at one stage even a plaster cast, nothing gave me long term relief, merely short term improvement, then more pain.


Victoria Terrazano – Australia

When I was 17 I had my Spinal Fusion, this was unsuccessful. 2 years later my surgeon performed an Anterior Spinal Fusion and inserted a metal plate to stabalise my spine.

Following my second operation I began trying alternate therapy. I saw 15 different Chiropractors and 10 Osteopaths, 1 Homepathy specialist, 1 Bowen specialist and Acupuncture.


James Freer – Leicester

As a Tae Kwon-do Instructor, it is great to have somebody that understands the stress and strain we put our bodies through.

Now, I fully recommend Keith to my own students.


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