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1Seitai Manipulation also benefits everyone from the very young to the elderly. The main idea behind the treatment is that the structure of your body are closely linked. This means that any problems or pain associated with the structure of your body could also have an effect on your internal organs. Tension that has built up in joints can cause pressure or in some cases knocking them out of alignment. An imbalance of the pressure in your joints can also cause nerves to become trapped creating great discomfort for the person affected.

Seitai Manipulation is a natural approach that is based on providing treatment that is individually tailored for each patient. The practitioner will look at how your whole body functions and so be able to reduce strain on the painful area caused by mechanical problems elsewhere.

The practitioner may also advise on changes you can make to your lifestyle to avoid the problem happening again. Emphasis is put on prevention and rehabilitation to strengthen the body after injury. Lifestyle advice, e.g. improving your posture, changing your diet and exercises, that you can do in your own time.

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